Tuesday, December 20, 2011

International Travel Goals Jan 4th - August 13th, 2011

I shared this list with my friends on Facebook before I left on my globe-trotting internship tour at the beginning of 2011. Considering the feedback I got there, I decided to share a summary of what I achieved, (and will have to go back for the next time around) here on this blog; I hope you enjoy: [x] = objective accomplished [ ] = yet to be accomplished Descriptions and/or pictures accompany the some of the more exciting achievements. Below is my itinerary and trip goals. Let me know what you think and if I should add anything onto the list! I consider everything under main and secondary goals achieveable. Bonus goals are things that have come up unexpctedly and/or have been suggested to me and piqued my interest enough to consider making plans for them.

Trip Dates

4th Jan to April 9th – Australia: Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns April 2nd to April 7th – New Zealand 10th April to 8th June – India 9th June to 2nd July – U.S. 3rd July to 13th August – Hong Kong/Macau/China Lots of weekend trips

Main Objectives

[x] Get to Australia (Jan 4th) First Time Abroad; So Far From Friends [x] Get to India (Apr 9th) [x] Get to Hong Kong (July 3rd) [x] Work for a Private Equity company (Equity Partners) [x] Work for one of the big four (Ernst & Young - April 12th) Last Day At Work in India! [x] Work for a financial consulting firm (FactSet Research Systems)

Secondary Objectives


[x] Scuba-dive SCUBA-mask Close-up